The Fauna Home Story

Fauna Home is an environmentally-minded design business, sourcing wildlife inspired prints on natural fibres such as cotton and linen to create luxury homeware. Product designs include non-toxic pet beds, stylish seat pads & cushions, intriguing table linens and thoughtful gifts.

Sustainability is key. Businesses have a responsibility to give consumers ethical choices in the current environmental climate and so Fauna Home is conscious of any footprint it leaves behind. You can read about the startling facts of textile plastic pollution and how Fauna Home combats it HERE.

Fauna Home products are always cruelty-free, meaning no materials are derived from or tested on animals. This means that all designs are suitable for vegans. Gone are the days we need to pluck geese or ducks for quality cushion fillings. Organic kapok fibre is a sustainable, natural alternative to feathers or wool when stuffing pet beds, seat pads and cushions. And as it has not been treated with fire retardant chemicals it is totally non-toxic, unlike standard cushion stuffings which can be

harmful to your family and pets. You can find out more about organic kapok HERE.

Fauna Home believes in promoting kindness to animals and humans, in fact, the whole planet! We endeavour to provide luxury homeware that you can simply enjoy for years to come.

"I create every Fauna Home product at my studio in the Essex countryside. I love to bring interiors to life through whimsical wildlife prints and intriguing focal accents, which convey a lot about a person's character. I believe in genuine customer care, transparent marketing and supporting other small businesses. Please feel free to get in touch any time" 

Hayley Armour,

       Designer & Owner of Fauna Home