A batik print on cotton canvas fabric coordinated with a matching woven cotton blue backing. A concealed zip reveals the organic kapok cushion insert which is included in the price. 


See additional info to find out more about kapok fibre.


Fauna Home products are made from natural sustainable materials which are responsibly sourced. No products or their ingredients are ever tested on animals or contain any animal products.

Batik Cushion

    Kapok fibre is a 100% naturally occurring material produced in the seed-pod of the kapok tree. It is entirely sustainable as it requires no irrigation or pesticides. No felling (chopping down) of trees is required in order to harvest. It is totally organic and toxin-free, a world away from unnatural polyester microfiber which has been treated with fire-retardant chemicals, proven to be harmful to humans and animals when exposed over the years. As it has not been treated with fire-retardant chemicals, it is a flammable material, therefore we always recommend to keep away from fire, particularly naked flames. Kapok holds its shape well, acting like wool or feathers but with none of the cruelty. It will last for decades and can easily be reshaped by plumping. Kapok is sometimes called silk cotton because it is incredibly soft and silky. It is 100% biodegradable. Due to its inability to retain moisture, kapok is naturally mould-resistant and therefore resistant to dust-mites, a common allergen.